Find a Job.
Fill the Position.
Skip the Stress Part.

The process of finding a job or filling an open position can be stressful and expensive. AnDek Staffing helps accelerate the hiring process so you can focus on getting back to doing your best work instead of looking for it.

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A Wrong Fit = Everyone Loses.

A bad hire can cost a business up to $240,000, not to mention months of wasted time and effort. The hiring process is tedious and expensive, but hiring the wrong person can be disastrous. Yet 76% of business owners admitted to a bad hire since 2020.*

*The Cost of a Bad Hire (2022): How Bad Hires Impact Business. Research Summary by Zippa

Lost Money

The average cost of a bad hire is between $15k and $200k, and takes companies 6 months to break even

Wasted Time

The hiring process is long and tedious as it is, but if you hire the wrong person, you have to do it all over again

More Stress

Even if someone looks great on paper, you never really know if they will be a good fit for your company culture

Less Accomplished

Instead of building your business you and your staff have to give up  precious time and energy for hiring

Job Seekers:

Let's Find You Somewhere You Never Want to Leave

There is a great fit out there for you, but finding it can be hard. If you are looking to start the next stage of your journey, stop scrolling through job postings and let us help you discover a great fit today.

Get back to work faster at a position that suits you well

Discover more positions than are posted on job sites

Avoid the stress and hassle of finding jobs on your own

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Let's Get You the Right Person, Right Away

What if you could just shortcut the hiring process and get the right person faster? That's what we do. Let us take on the job of finding you the best person for your position so you can focus on your business.

Fill your position faster than you could on your own

Discover better candidates that meet your company's needs

Minimize the cost and hassle of filling your position on your own

You don't have time for this.
But we do.

Looking for a job or hiring an employee are not your job, but it is ours. Let us help you find the right position or the right person faster so you can put the job search or the hiring process behind you for good.

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Job Seekers:

Find Your Next Job Faster and Easier

If you are ready to take the next step in your career, so are we. Whether you need work fast, or are looking long-term, we are here to help get you unstuck and into your the right position fast.

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Find the Right Person for Your Open Position

The only thing worse than not being able to fill a position, is filling it with the wrong person. We take the time understand what you need so we can get you the right person the first time.

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Current Employees:

Access All Your Information in One Place

Look no further. If you are a current employee, all of your pay stubs, forms, documents and information are right here.

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We Know Staffing.

We know the staffing industry, but more importantly, the staffing industry knows us. After decades of high-quality service and thousands of happy job-seekers and companies, we are known for taking care of individuals and companies alike with excellence.

30+ Years of Industry Experience

We have seen it all. We know how the staffing industry works and our process reflects everything we have learned from decades in the industry

Decades of Trust and Relationships

Trust is not easily built, yet we have done it. Some companies trust us so much that they just take our word for it with a person or position.

Insight and Discernment Beyond the Resume

We work with people every day. They are our business. We have learned how to sense a good or bad match in a way only experience can teach

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Getting Started is Easy.

No matter what you need, we have a process to help. Whether you need to find a job or fill a position, we can get you where you need to go in less time than you think.

Job Seekers:

Your Next Season is Right Around the Corner

1. Fill Out Your Application

Let us know where you are at right now and what you are looking for with our simple online application process.

2. Meet With Us for More Info

Next, we want to meet with you in person so we can make sure we really understand your needs and find you a great match.

3. Get Going on Your New Job

We connect you with the best position we have, as soon as we can to get you back to work at a job you are a great fit for.

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Let's find you the best person for the position

1. Call Our Office

Our staff is here and ready to help you find your next great candidate. Just give our office a call and let's get started.

2. Give Us the Details

Share with the the details of your open position, and the kind of candidate that you are looking to hire.

3. We'll Get You Who You Need

We will filter our extensive database of qualified candidates to get you the best person we can to fill your position.

Job Seekers:

Begin the Career You Have Been Looking For


Discover Your Next Key Team Member


Access All Your Job Information

We're ready if you are.

No more doing this alone. If you are ready to get going and see results, we are eager and excited to work with you.

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